Bill Cosby Believes That R. Kelly Was ‘Railroaded’ After Being Found Guilty Of Sex Trafficking

For some reason, TMZ thought it’d be a grand idea to find out what Bill Cosby thought of the recently concluded R. Kelly trial. The disgraced R&B singer was found guilty this week of an extensive list of crimes including racketeering and sex trafficking. The equally disgraced comedian, whose own 2019 conviction for sexual assault was recently overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on a technicality, gave a comment through his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt.

Asked by one of TMZ’s seemingly omnipresent flock of cameramen what Cosby thought of the result of Kelly’s trial, Wyatt said, “We talked about it today and the first thing he said, he was like, ‘Look, the guy was railroaded.’”

Of course, in both cases, massive amounts of evidence were given of the two stars’ deeds. In Cosby’s case, dozens of women came forward to give testimony that he had a pattern of drugging women to have sex with them — something Cosby himself admitted to doing in 2005. Cosby’s recent conviction was overturned thanks to a “non-prosecution agreement” made by prosecutor Bruce Castor. When new witnesses came forward, another prosecutor pushed for a second trial before the statute of limitations on the crimes expired.

Likewise, Kelly previously dodged justice when the defendant in his 2008 rape case refused to testify — but that opened the door for the new case, in which Kelly was accused of running a criminal empire that allegedly intimidated and bribed witnesses, paid to have documents faked so he could illegally marry a teenaged Aaliyah, and coerced a number of girls and women into having sex with Kelly and members of his entourage.

Naturally, plenty of observers on Twitter are only too aware of the details of both cases and had plenty to say about it. See responses to Cosby’s thoughts below.