15-Year-Old Billie Eilish Gets A Vince Staples Feature On Her Alluring Single ‘&burn’

At fifteen years old, most people only dream of meeting their favorite musicians, but at that age, Billie Eilish is already working with her idols. Her young career is off to a hot start: She released her debut EP Don’t Smile At Me in August, and now she’s released her first new music since then: A new single called “&burn,” which features Vince Staples.

The track is an alternate version of her single “Watch,” and while the original track is Lorde-like melodic pop, the new version is more subtle and hip-hop-influenced, which of course makes sense given the Staples appearance. Eilish said that Staples was her first choice for a collaborator on the song:

“When we were working on the song in the studio, we originally wanted to call the song ‘Watch & Burn’ (like ‘Watch & Learn,’ but you’re burning). We ended up producing two separate and completely different versions. This version felt like it would be perfect with someone as a feature. Vince Staples was my NUMBER 1 choice, so when we got him to hear it and he agreed to do, it was incredible and the verse he did is so mf good! He is a god and I’m excited for it to finally come out!”

Listen to “&burn” above.