Rapper Bino Rideaux Is On A Mission To Unite LA Through Music

LA-native Bino Rideaux has been writing raps since he was in the third grade, and now he’s on a mission to unite the city through music. With his hit 2021 album Sixtape 2 and upcoming US tour, the Nipsey Hussle protégé is undoubtedly LA’s next breakout star. Now detailing his rise in a new Magnum Scenes video presented by Uproxx, Bino explains how he’s continuing Nipsey’s legacy and creating a movement along the way.

Early in his career, Bino connected with Nipsey, who brought him into the studio and took him under his wing. “You should come into this game as a student. Nip was a mentor to me, for sure,” Bino said. “Being able to shadow him like that, it kinda grew me.”

After Nipsey’s tragic passing in 2019, Bino felt like the city “will never be the same.” But the rapper is motivated to carry on his legacy. “I had to live up to whatever he thought I was,” Bino said. Nipsey’s former tour DJ, DJ VIP, recognizes Bino and his OTB crew’s hard work. “Bringing the city together, that was something Nip stood by and I see that with OTB,” VIP said. “You can tell they’re really trying to put-on for LA and they’re doing it in an inclusive way.”

Elsewhere in the video, Bino shares what’s next in store for his OTB crew, so it check out above and explore the other musicians covered in the Magnum Scenes series here.