Black Sabbath Spent More Money On Cocaine In 1972 Than Most People Make In A Year Now

10.21.15 4 years ago
Black Sabbath Press Conference

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Aside from being heavy metal godfathers, Black Sabbath is most known (arguably) for something else: drug use (specifically looking at you, Ozzy Osbourne). According to bassist Geezer Butler, the band spent enough on cocaine in one year to probably cover most of your student debt — $75,000.


That’s right — $75,000 for blow. When you adjust for inflation, that’d be almost $427,000 now. Butler stated, in an interview with The Guardian back in 2013, that the band had a budget of $60,000 for their then forthcoming album, Vol. 4. So in other words, the band’s drug habit cost them $15,000 more than their album (fun fact: the original album title was supposed to be Snowblind, in reference to their love for the white powder, but the record label wasn’t having that).

And apparently it was good stuff. Talking about coke in his autobiography I Am Ozzy, Ozzy said:

“Eventually we started to wonder where the f*ck all the coke was coming from…I’m telling you: that coke was the whitest, purest, strongest stuff you could ever imagine. One sniff, and you were king of the universe.”

Wow. 1972 must’ve been quite the time to be alive for Black Sabbath.

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