Bleachers’ Candy-Coated Wedding Goes All To Hell In The Lena Dunham-Directed ‘Don’t Take The Money’ Video

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Jack Antonoff’s solo project Bleachers is all about bombast and excess. All emotions are IMAX-sized and all events are cataclysmic. So, it makes sense that if he’s going to film a wedding for his “Don’t Take The Money” video, it’s going to be the gaudiest ceremony imaginable and it’s going to go horribly awry. In the Lena Dunham-directed clip for his latest single, Antonoff attempts to marry a woman who doesn’t speak his language — with help from minister Alia Shawkat and a sanctified New Jersey phonebook — before things go sideways.

Antonoff’s candy-coated wedding gets crashed by his fiance’s ex, a stern commando type in a mesh top who promptly throws Antonoff into a pool (rendering him incapable for the rest of the fight!) and takes off with the Bleachers’ mastermind’s would-be bride. The Lena Dunham-directed clip perfectly captures the disaffected looks on everyone but Antonoff’s faces and the chintzy and over-the-top decorations of his stage wedding.

The track features help from none other than Lorde, who returned the favor for Antonoff’s work on her upcoming album Melodrama with an assist on this track. Check out the single and its garish and silly video up top. Then, head back to his collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen “Hate That You Know Me.”

Bleachers’ Gone Now is due out on June 2.

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