Jack Antonoff Of Bleachers Made A Cameo On An Episode Of ‘Sesame Street’

Jack Antonoff, frontman of indie pop band Bleachers, has had a busy year so far. He helped produce Kevin Abstract’s most recent and heavily-anticipated album, ARIZONA BABY, and he had a hand in producing Lana Del Rey‘s forthcoming record Norman Fucking Rockwell. Along with the title of “musician” and “producer,” Antonoff can now call himself an “actor” after making a cameo on a recent episode of the long-running popular children’s series Sesame Street.

In the episode, Antonoff sports a funky orange tie, black leather hat, and a dark green vest to match his co-star Oscar the Grouch. He joined Oscar and his pals, the Grouches, to sing a rendition of the Sesame Street classic song “I Love Trash.” Watch Antonoff and the Grouches perform the iconic song above.

Antonoff begins to sing the song but Oscar cuts him off, saying, “Stop, stop, stop. That was horrible, pathetic.”

“Coming from you Grouches, that’s a really big compliment,” Antonoff replies.

Antonoff teamed up with Lana Del Rey to help produce her last three singles, “Venice Bitch,” “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “How To Disappear,” which will be seen on her upcoming album. Jack Antonoff’s most recent album of his own was Bleacher’s 2017 LP Gone Now.