Blitzkrieg Bot: Watch Some Robots Cover The Ramones

To quote world famous punk rocker Avril Lavigne, “I created punk for this day and age. Do you see Britney walking around wearing ties and singing punk? Hell no. That’s what I do. I’m like a Sid Vicious for a new generation.” Yo, Avril, go back to Canada, where Anne Murray is considered “edgy.” The future of punk is now, and it involves a bunch of robots playing the Ramones — Johnny 5 on the bass? — without any of those pesky vocals.

Compressorhead has finally brought robotics into a field worthy of our future masters: rock ’n’ roll. Jumping past the limitations of previous generations of robotic musicians, the trio plays the same instruments and songs as humans do, using the same equipment. (Via)

Ah, yes, it’s just like Joey Ramone sang, “1010011101011001 is a punk rocker.”

(Via AV Club)