Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Will Pay You To Design A 'Northern Exposure' Tattoo For Him

09.17.12 2 Comments

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon was apparently really into the TV show Northern Exposure, so much so that the name “Bon Iver” is, according to Vernon, derived from an episode of the Rob Morrow/Janine Turner vehicle he says “weirdly explained my life to me.” So naturally he wants a Northern Exposure tattoo to commemorate his love for the show and the influence it had on his life — and he’s looking for someone to design it for him. (Weird, the Beverly Hillbillies explained life to me but you don’t see me getting no tattoos of Jethro, Uncle Jed, Granny and Ellie Mae riding over SoCal in that jalopy of theirs, do you?)

I named my band after an episode of Northern Exposure. In the episode a women transforms a gold rush village into a cultural place with one single dance in a tavern. They name the town after her, Cicely, Alaska.
The art direction in the episode is unmistakably Mucha and I want to get a very large tattoo of this on my left arm.
Ill include some images of the actual episode, of Cicely herself, and of some of the Mucha pieces I want the shape and style to be like. A tall rectangular, stained glass, bold lines shadow box!
Please, help!

My favorite, hopefully what your illustrations will be based on, is the image I uploaded of Cicely with arms outstretched in mid-dance. You can’t see her with the flowing scarf in her hands, but that would be cool if we could involve that.THANK YOU!

Meanwhile, Northern Exposure‘s Janine Turner has a Tea Party-themed website of her very own these days, and it sure is a lot of fun!

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