Boosie Doubles Down On His Homophobic Criticisms Of Lil Nas X

Boosie Badazz has made no secret of his feelings about Lil Nas X’s popularity. Despite the backlash over his previous comments in which he called Nas several slurs in defense of DaBaby, Boosie doubled down in a recent interview with New York’s The Breakfast Club. The show, which can be a controversy magnet at the best of times — sometimes even courting it on purpose, as it seemingly did with this booking — brought him on to address his criticisms and the reaction they prompted on social media.

When host Angela Yee asks whether he thought his words went “too far” — which, come on, man — Boosie argued that they did not. “I’ve gotta speak up because, as far as straight people in the world, you don’t have an opinion no more,” he said.

“Everything is harm,” he complained, providing a supremely questionable example. “If you say anything [like], ‘I like women,’ it’s vulgar.” To the hosts’ credit, they did push back on that assertion, Boosie was undeterred, insisting that the entertainment industry is “ran by” queer people (objectively not true; also, so what if it was? You can have an opinion — you aren’t entitled to sharing that opinion, especially if it’s peppered with derogatory slurs and the same rhetoric that gets used to justify oppression and violence against minority groups).

Boosie seems to be completely missing the point of the backlash against him and The Breakfast Club‘s hosts seem ill-equipped to convey it to him. The whole exercise feels a little … pointless. Meanwhile, Lil Nas X is getting huge opportunities like a creative role at Taco Bell even as hateful rhetoric like Boosie’s forced him to hire security. It looks like that the effect of all this will continue to be lost on some folks, which is a shame because there can’t be that much money in hating.