Bow Wow And Soulja Boy Hype Their Upcoming Verzuz With Some Hilarious Trash Talk

With their upcoming Verzuz battle inching nearer, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy have gotten into the competitive spirit, spending the past few days trading trash talk and trolling each other over their various missteps and shortcomings.

On one end, Soulja revived Bow Wow’s infamous private plane faux pas, reminding fans that his opponent once posted a photo of someone else’s private plane before boarding a commercial flight to New York, only to be caught out by a fan who recognized him and posted his own candid shot of Bow Wow on his flight. “Because of me u get to fly private for real for Verzuz,” Soulja crowed. “U don’t gotta cap no more wit the challenge and commercial Spirit flights.” He also challenged Bow Wow’s current absence on the charts (although to be fair, Bow Wow hasn’t released many new singles recently. He did drop “My Pain” this year).

Meanwhile, Bow Wow, who knows a thing or two about hyping a competition after an earlier, wrestling-based back-and-forth, argued that he didn’t need to release any new records because of his multiple revenue streams, including appearing in the next installment of the Fast And Furious film series, F9. The trolling appeared to be in good nature, though, as Bow Wow also offered this observation: “I dont think @THEREALSWIZZZ and @Timbaland understand the magnitude of this #VERZUZ brodie.”

We’ll all find out this Friday, June 26, when the two rappers face off in a 20-song hits battle. Check out their WWE-style promos below.