Brad Paisley’s ‘Comedy Rodeo’ Netflix Special Is A Big Showcase For One Of Country’s Funniest Stars

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Brad Paisley is perhaps the biggest country music star of the millennium, but so far, he hasn’t had a significant crossover into non-country endeavors. He tried to get a drama TV series called Nashville (not the show of the same name that currently airs on CMT) off the ground at The CW in 2009, but that didn’t end up panning out. After that, he decided to try something funnier, hosting a stand-up comedy night at Nashville’s Wild West Comedy Festival in 2015.

Unlike drama, comedy has stuck for Paisley: He hosted a similar event at this year’s festival, and the proceedings were filmed for Paisley’s first Netflix comedy special, Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo, which debuts August 15th. He also shared a quick teaser for the special that features David Hasselhoff and his Knight Rider car KITT.

The hour-long program will feature comedians Nate Bargatze, John Heffron, Jon Reep, Sarah Tiana and Mike E. Winfield, and guest appearances from Reba McEntire and Hasselhoff, the latter of whom also appeared in Paisley’s recent video for “Last Time For Everything.”

Whether or not you’re a country music fan, Paisley is a pretty funny guy who seems capable of putting on an entertaining comedy show. At the very least, he’s an active and known prankster: When a young Taylor Swift, who had then just released one album, opened for Paisley on his 2007 tour, Paisley played a VH1 Behind The Music-style parody that chronicled Swift’s career and eventual demise. The video reported that money laundering, gambling debts and underground dog fighting would be her downfall, but that she eventually became a happy stay-at-home mom who sang in her spare time.

Check out the Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo teaser above, and watch Paisley sing some “#420Songs” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.