Britney Spears Requests Her Father To Be Removed As Co-Conservator Of Her Estate

A decade ago the #FreeBritney movement was born, with fans hoping to see the beleaguered pop singer freed from the clutches of her domineering father, Jamie Spears. Over the summer a second wave was born, with people worried after seeing the numerous videos Britney has shared, including one in which she explained why she burned down her home gym. Since then, Britney has tried to assure concerned parties that she was fine and happy. Soon thereafter court documents revealed that she asked a court to end her father’s role as the sole conservator. Now, she has officially filed to do just that.

According to a report from Billboard, a motion that was filed on November 3 by Spears’ court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham said that if Jamie is allowed to continue his conservator position, it would cause “Britney to suffer loss and injury.” Ingham requested that the court remove James as soon as her new conservator, Bessemer Trust, is appointed.

The motion was filed after Britney’s longtime business manager, Lou Taylor of Tri-Star Sports and Entertainment Group, resigned without any notice. Rather than inform Britney of Taylor’s resignation, Jamie hired Michael Kane of the accounting firm Miller Kaplan to serve as her new business manager. Once Britney and her lawyer were made aware of the new hire, Ingham informed a judge that they no longer wanted her father to be a co-conservator to her estate.

Britney was also unhappy that her father’s legal team asked in a letter that her estate account remain at City National Bank until Bessemer took over. Ingham called the letter a “blatant attempt by James to try to retain full functional control of her assets, books and records in the face of Britney’s objections, TriStar’s resignation and the appointment of Bessemer Trust.”

(via Billboard