Brockhampton Wreaks Havoc With Danny Brown In Their Trippy Video For ‘Buzzcut’

It’s been almost two years since Brockhampton released their fifth album, Ginger, and since then the band has kept things fairly quiet outside of a remix of “Sugar” with Dua Lipa and a string of singles they released last spring, including “Things Can’t Stay The Same,” “Twisted,” and “Downside.” Now it looks like the group is ready to begin the rollout of their sixth album. On Wednesday night they dropped their new single, “Buzzkill,” featuring Danny Brown. The track arrived with a trippy video that finds the Brockhampton collective wreaking absolute havoc in a technicolor universe while Danny Brown joins in for an attention-grabbing verse.

Following the release of Ginger in 2019, Brockhampton kept the pedal to the floor for the next few months. They stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform “Ginger” and “Sugar” before bringing their talents to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform the latter once again. They also released a pair of videos for “Sugar,” which later became the band’s most successful single to date.

While their upcoming sixth album remains untitled, Brockhampton’s head producer Romil Hemnani revealed in an interview with i-D that the initials for the upcoming project are “RR.” Some fans believed that its full title is Roadrunner after they noticed band members, including Jabari Manwa, wearing “Roadrunner” apparel. As for the upcoming album, Hemnani said, “I’m excited about it, it’s my favourite one yet.”

You can watch the video above.

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