Brockhampton Returns With Another Pair Of Singles, ‘M.O.B’ And ‘Twisted’

After staying low for a few months after their August 2019 album Ginger, Brockhampton returned in March with a new take of their hit single “Sugar,” this time with an added verse from Dua Lipa. The self-proclaimed boy band returned once again last week with two new singles, “Things Can’t Stay The Same” and “N.S.T,” both of which added anticipation for their upcoming project, reportedly titled Technical Difficulties. A week after those first two singles, Brockhampton is back with another pair.

The group shared “M.O.B.” and “Twisted,” which suggested they have even more releases up their sleeve. Led by a sample of Bunny Sigler’s 1974 track “Shake you Booty,” which was also used on Pusha T’s 2013 track “Numbers On The Boards,” “M.O.B.” is as an upbeat number that finds Brockhampton speaking on the loyalty and unity present in the group. As for “Twisted,” the three-and-a-half-minute track features Ryan Beatty and Christian Alexander speaking to those who have manipulated their words to make them seem much different than they actually are.

It should be noted that Brockhampton has removed their previous two singles, “Things Can’t Stay The Same” and “N.S.T.,” from their Youtube page. Whether “M.O.B.” and “Twisted” will have a short online life as well remains to be seen.

You can listen to “M.O.B.” and “Twisted” in the video above.