Brockhampton Tackles Depression With The Help Of Deb Never In Their Shiny ‘No Halo’ Video

Brockhampton’s latest music video — the fourth in their current promotional run after “Boy Bye,” “If You Pray Right,” and “I Been Born Again” — “No Halo” has arrived. “No Halo” is one of Brockhampton’s lower-tempo songs, in the vein of like “San Marcos” and “Tonya” from their 2018 major debut, Iridescence. The verses find Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McClennon, Joba, and Bearface waxing introspective about the heavy topic of depression, while Merlyn and Matt receive a melodic assist on the hook from lo-fi pop singer Deb Never, who also appears in the video holding an owl.

With production by Weston Freas, Jon Nunes, and Kevin Doan and the direction of Spencer Ford, the “No Halo” video is a typically stripped-down affair for Brockhampton, putting the members in reflective jumpsuits with blown-out lighting tricks for much of the video. Meanwhile, each of the verses is performed in varying scenarios; Merlyn raps his from the stern of a yacht, Joba delivers his bars in an empty church, and Bearface sings from a tiny cubby hole wrapped in similar reflective material to his jumpsuit. The video concludes, as have all their recent clips, with a title card reading Ginger, the title of their upcoming album.

Ginger is the group’s first effort as a unit since Iridescence. De facto leader Kevin Abstract released his debut solo album, Arizona Baby, earlier this year. Ginger releases this Friday, August 23 via Question Everything and RCA.

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