Bono And Bruce Springsteen Team For An Epic Cover Of A Patti Smith Classic

Bruce Springsteen is beloved the world over, and that includes in Dublin, Ireland, where Springsteen and his E Street Band were performing for a crowd of adoring fans recently. While Springsteen is known for his fan friendly, epic concerts, this show was particularly special, as Springsteen was joined by Bono for a performance of Patti Smith’s classic song “Because the Night.”

Bono, or Bonobos as he likes to be called, is the lead singer of Dublin’s own U2, a band that, like Springsteen, has been supremely popular for decades now. So, naturally, seeing these two share the stage, and share a microphone, was a pretty epic event. As for the choice of song, it’s not terribly surprising, as “Because the Night” was co-written by Springsteen. He originally wrote it for his seminal album Darkness on the Edge of Town, but he decided not to include it, and it was given to Patti Smith, who tweaked it and turned it into one of her most popular songs. Springsteen has, on occasion, performed the song, often with his own lyrics, at concerts.

Springsteen frequently brings massive musicians onstage to play with him, because who could resist the siren song of The Boss, so this is not a rare occurrence or the last we will see of such an event, but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t delightful.

(Via Vulture)