Bruce Springsteen Made New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Cry

Well here’s an uplifting election season tale that should warm even the coldest heart: With significant portions of his state ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been all over the news of late, usually wearing a “Chris Christie, Governor” fleece, a happening that led to him being impersonated on SNL over the weekend.

And with the presidential election just days away, Christie, a Romney supporter who was rumored to have been considered as Mitt’s running mate, struck up an unlikely bromance with President Obama as the two joined forces to try to help people in need. It was kind of sweet, actually, though Christie’s public praise for Obama earned him predictable scorn from the likes of shout-y sex tourist Rush Limbaugh.

As it turns out, Christie is longtime Bruce Springsteen fan, having attended over 100 Springsteen concerts in his lifetime, and since becoming governor of New Jersey he’s reportedly made attempts to try to befriend the Boss, all of which have gone ignored. Enter Christie’s new BFF, Barry.

Reports the New York Times:

The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, confirmed that President Obama had put Bruce Springsteen on the phone with Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey while the president and the Boss were flying to Columbus from Madison, Wis., on Air Force One.

Mr. Christie, a Republican, is well known as one of the biggest Bruce fans ever, but had not gotten love from Mr. Springsteen, a die-hard Democrat, in the past. Though Mr. Christie has attended more than 100 of his concerts, Mr. Springsteen has not invited him backstage.

Further, the president apparently arranged for the two to meet in person at a benefit concert, a meeting that led the gruff New Jersey governor to break down in tears.

Reports the Washington Post:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told reporters Monday that he had an unexpected — and moving — conversation earlier with his hero, Bruce Springsteen.

He also got a hug from the rock legend on Friday, at a benefit concert for victims of Superstorm Sandy. He later cried, calling the moment a highlight in a tough week.

“Bruce and I had an opportunity to chat for a while Friday night… we hugged and he told me, ‘it’s official, we’re friends,” Christie said at a news briefing.

Sadly, Mitt Romney arranging to have Christie meet Meatloaf didn’t have the same effect. Go figure.