Fans React After Bryson Tiller Played His Entire ‘Anniversary’ Album In A Zoom Meeting

Bryson Tiller will make his return to fans in a couple of days with his upcoming third album, Anniversary. Prior to the announcement, which he made earlier this week, fans had been growing impatient with Tiller as the Louisville native went three years without an album since his sophomore effort, True To Self. Now his fan base of adoring listeners can rest assured as Anniversary will arrive this Friday October 2. However, before the album arrives, Bryson decided to have somewhat of a personal experience with fans as he invited them all to join him in a Zoom meeting.

While the reason for the Zoom meeting was unknown at first, Bryson quickly revealed at the start of the meeting that he would play the Anniversary album for those in attendance. Before pressing play on his new body of work, he revealed that he was previously working on an album titled Serenity, but opted to put the album on pause as he felt his current position in life did not match the album’s theme. He also revealed that his love for streaming while he plays video games pushed him to livestream the album. Pressing play on the album and revealing its artwork after the quick speech, fans quickly noticed that the Anniversary artwork closely resembled the Trapsoul artwork, this time depicting the singer with his head facing to the left in what looks like blue-lit room.

As for the album, Anniversary flaunts his trademark Trapsoul sound as fans could hear through the ten songs played in Zoom meeting. While the tracklist has not been revealed yet, the album features Bryson’s most recent singles, “Always Forever” and “Inhale,” as well as a guest feature from Drake, on a track reportedly titled “Outta Time.”

The livestream of the Anniversary album lasted just under 45 minutes, but through it all, fans shared their reaction to what they heard. Check them out below.

Anniversary is out 10/02 via RCA.