BTS Release Another Song From Their Upcoming Mobile Game, ‘A Brand New Day’

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Immensely popular South Korean boyband BTS are gearing up to release a new mobile game, as BTS World is set to come out on June 26. This also means new music from the group, as they plan to release three songs for the game’s soundtrack. Last week, they shared “Dream Glow,” a collaboration with Charli XCX. Now, they’ve returned with the second in the trio of new songs, a Zara Larsson collab “A Brand New Day.”

The song was produced by Mura Masa, and it really puts the “World” in BTS World, as it draws influence from all around the world. Elements of Middle Eastern music, tropical music, hip-hop, and of course, pop can be heard on the track.

The BTS World website says of the game, “You’re now BTS’s Manager! Select BTS Member Cards to successfully clear missions! Collect different cards and upgrade them to unlock and enjoy more story content and even interact with the members! Help nurture BTS on their quest to become great artists! We look forward to working with you!” CNBC also provided an example of some gameplay elements, saying, “One particular mission teased on the game’s site involves finding a dorm for the band to stay in. Each band member has a demand like wanting a big kitchen or living in an area near a convenience store. As their manager, you have to find the right spot for them to stay.”

Listen to “A Brand New Day” above.