The Compton Rapper ‘Buddy’ Keeps Getting Tagged In Adorable Instagram Pics Of Dogs Who Share His Name

Compton rapper Buddy has been having a pretty good 2017 so far.

He’s in the middle of promotion for his and Kaytranada’s excellent joint project Ocean & Montana, which has found him having all sorts of fun filming videos and touring the world, and he finally got his official rap name as his handle on both Twitter and Instagram.

That last one though, seems to be a great source of inadvertent joy, as Buddy has been getting tagged in strangers’ dog photos on Instagram and is now sharing the best ones in a hilarious thread on Twitter. Since “Buddy” is also a pretty common name for dogs, and since it seems some people will never quite get the hang of how social media works, people have been tagging their Buddies on Instagram not realizing that the name is already taken by a popular rapper who is probably worlds away.

Buddy — real name Simmie Sims (which is such a good rap name itself) — has taken it all in stride, and seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. So far, he’s been a labrador, a golden retriever, a pit bull mix, and a collie. There’s no telling if or when pet owners will eventually get hip to the mix-up, but hopefully it’s no time soon, because this is the sort of odd but funny connection that seems to happen more and more regularly in the social media era, and if the Venn Diagram of dog lovers and rap fans is pretty close to being a circle. You can see the full thread (so far) below.