Camila Cabello And Pharrell Get Bilingual On The Sexy Cuban Rhythms Of ‘Sangria Wine’

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Camila Cabello, a big pop star thanks to hits like “Havana,” helped Taylor Swift kick off her giant world tour by opening the show for her (along with Charli XCX). Before that, though, Cabello launched a tour of her own: She played the first show of the Never Be The Same tour in Vancouver back in April, and she made it special by playing some unreleased tracks. One was “Scar Tissue,” which she co-wrote with XCX, and another was “Sangria Wine,” a collaboration with Pharrell (who was one of the co-writers of “Havana”).

Now, “Sangria Wine” has been officially released as a single, and as the live performance revealed, the song is driven by a slinky Cuban rhythm and lyrics in both English and Spanish, paying tribute to Cabello’s heritage. It’s unrelentingly sexy song, with Pharrell describing the titular dance move in the song’s hook — “She do the sangria wine, sangria wine / Moving side to side, front and behind” — and the sensual, warm August night vibes that run throughout.

The single has dropped just in time for summer, which is appropriate because it was absolutely crafted for the season. In fact, the song’s been finished for a while now, but Cabello previously said she was saving it for the summer. She also said of working with Pharrell, “We also did another song called ‘Sangria Wine.’ He’s so talented in every way and he inspires me so much as an artist, but also, he’s just a beautiful person.”

Listen to “Sangria Wine” above.

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