This Canadian High School Student Smoked Fake Weed In A Rap Video And Got Suspended For It

01.12.16 2 years ago

Kids, never film yourself smoking marijuana on school property — even if it’s just a prop. Why? Just ask Brad Manuel.

According to Noisey, Manuel — a resident of Canada’s Grand Falls-Windsor town who happens to be a rapper by the name “Manzy” — filmed a music video for a rap he did over Meek Mill’s “Monster.” In the video, he seems to be smoking pot at his high school, Exploits Valley High.

Although he included a disclaimer that said any items that look potentially illegal or illicit “are 100 percent props and should not be taken seriously,” Exploits Valley High still suspended Manuel and removed him the school hockey team. The video’s director, Lucas Hillier, was also suspended and removed from the school hockey and basketball teams. Yet the suspension has benefited Manuel in an unexpected way — the video views rose to 10,000 after news of the suspension became public. Since then, the video has gotten 231,841 views.

Maybe the school will cut Manuel and Hillier some slack. After all, none of us probably knew a place called Grand Falls-Windsor with a high school named Exploits Valley High even existed before this all happened. And to think, we assumed our neighbors up north were more lax about these things.

(Via Noisey)

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