Cardi B Shuts Down Rumors That A Beyonce Collaboration Is Coming Soon

Rumors recently swirled that Cardi B would be collaborating with Queen B — but those rumors were squashed by Cardi herself. During an interview with Philly radio station Power 99 at their Powerhouse music show, Cardi told radio host Mina Lona that she had no idea where the rumor that she was collaborating with Beyonce came from.

“People are crazy, people start rumors,” she said. While it’s true of these days that a false tweet by someone looking for RTs can turn into mass expectation, this rumor was triggered by her own camp. It was her own engineer after all that teased fans of a “big feature” with a screenshot of a pro tools session with Beyonce’s name on it.

Apparently though, the only monster collab Cardi is owning up to is “Motorsport” with the Migos and Nicki Minaj, who everyone swears she had beef with. Perhaps Beyonce, ever secretive, asked Cardi and her team to shut down any speculation of a collaboration with both due for new music in the near future.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cardi spoke on how her engagement to Offset went down. She said that she was unsure why she was being pushed by Powerhouse stage staff to join the Migos’ set, then figured it was to perform “Motorsport.” While performing her verse, she says Offset kept tapping her to get her attention, and she then saw her mother, which surprised her. She began wondering why her mom was there, but by that point Offset was already on one knee, ready to get past the breakup and take their union to the next level.