Cardi B Defends The Decision To Cancel Her Show In Indianapolis Due To A Security Threat

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It’s a well-known fact Cardi B hates leaving money on the table. Recently, she was forced to cancel shows due to health concerns because she tried to skip recovery time after getting surgery and last night, she had to cancel another concert at the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis due to a security threat. While she apologized to fans for letting them down (the show has since been rescheduled), she was also quick to defend herself against one fan who wouldn’t let it go on Twitter, reminding him that while she hates losing money, her safety comes first.

In response to an account that questioned her original tweet announcing the reason for the cancelation, Cardi wrote: “Since that is your city you can go to the venue yourself ask the venue and ask the promoters. I was literally getting my make up when police and security from venue got a threat tip.” When the challenger refused to accept her explanation, she told him: “There still a federal investigation going on. Yes everybody could have got check but who know if a suspect was waiting outside or who he wanted to target. Im from the hood I never been a situation like that so I will avoided NIKKA IM A MOTHER MY SAFETY COME FIRST!”

Illustrating just how seriously she took the threat, she further explained: “I even left the state ASAP cause I ain’t takin no chances!” She also added a string of videos detailing everything that was happening in her dressing room when she got word. It looks like her team packed up with little hesitation after the threat was received because according to Cardi: “I had SOLD OUT SHOW. I had a 2 day break and my body was refresh. I lost money in hotels and unnecessary trip to go to New York for no reason I don’t like to waste my money neither the promoters but if a bitch gotta go a bitch gotta go I ain’t takin no chances.”

It’s important to note that this happened just days after the Gilroy Garlic Festival was attacked by gunmen who killed 11 people, including a small child. If Cardi felt that her safety was in question, she had every right to dip and if the threat was serious, could have helped prevent injury to herself and/or fans in attendance by doing so. Check out the videos and more Cardi responses below.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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