Cardi B Threatens To ‘Dog Walk’ Another Social Media Troll After Declaring Her Political Ambitions

Cardi B is becoming almost as well-known for her epic social media clap backs as she is for her rapping and after she tweeted about her ambition to finish school and go into politics she got the perfect opportunity to prove why. She’s even adopted something of a signature catchphrase, stemming from the last time a wannabe political rival tried to shame her online.

After tweeting that she feels that “I just need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table,” a conservative show host named Mindy Robinson replied, “You’re going to need more school than that,” attaching a screenshot of Cardi’s tweet with her own notes scribbled across it in red.

Cardi, who has been a favorite target of right-wing pundits ever since her first tweets addressing disagreement with Donald Trump’s policies — especially in light of her recent work with Bernie Sanders’ campaign — was quick to warn Robinson the same way she did Tomi Lahren. “Sis your lips ashy and you barely have none,” she snapped. “Leave me alone. I didn’t insulted your party or your believes so please don’t try me and let’s keep sweet OK….don’t want to dog walk you.”

When Robinson tried to offer that “even my cat is more qualified to run for Congress than Cardi,” prompting the rapper to posit a reason behind the personal attacks. “You really mad cause you stay takin pics like this and mention Trump 20 times a day to get his attention,” she said, posting a photo from Robinson’s own media library. “Don’t take your anger out on me cause he don’t wanna f*ck you sis.”

Cardi later pondered why so many conservatives felt the need to attack her for her posts. “Every time I post anything political I get attack all type of crazy,” she wrote. “If you are a conservative & if you support a opposite party that’s OK( unless you racist)we can get into friendly debates on here voice your opinion and I’ll voice mines HOWEVER don’t try me and don’t take my kindness for weakness. I BE VIOLATING!!! I don’t really like being on that type of time. We grown! Let’s be grown. Let’s teach and learn.”

Cardi previously turned down Candace Owens’ proposal for a political debate, suggesting that the commentator give her proposed $250,000 buy-in to charity.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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