Cardi B Vows To Delete Her Social Media Accounts In Response To Negative Press Coverage

After being censured for some coarse tweets directed at the press, Cardi B says she’s taking some time off of social media. After Access Hollywood took clips of a recent interview out of context to paint her as a bad mom, she exploded, going in on the outlet in an Instagram rant that sent some observers into an uproar. Now, Cardi has vowed to delete her social media to prevent future clickbait from attention-hungry outlets and backlash from an audience seemingly hellbent on canceling her for her reactions.

In the original Instagram post, Cardi laments that Access Hollywood chopped up an interview response about her motherhood and business ventures in a video titled “Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else Mommy Because She Works So Much.” Cardi unloads in the video, saying, “Don’t use my kid for f*cking clickbait,” clearly distraught by the idea of being thought a bad mother when she works so hard for her daughter. “Access Hollywood, suck my whole dick. Suck a dick. I hope your f*cking mom catch AIDS, b*tch,” she says.


Of course, the social media peanut gallery was quick to chime in with commentary calling out Cardi for the insensitivity of the AIDS threat, which set Cardi off even more. “You see I been workin my ass off doing my shit,” she tweeted in response to the plethora of blog posts and social media critiques that followed her initial explosion. “I go out I do press run people took my kindness for weakness I felt violated I said how I felt now I am THE INDUSTRY WICKED WITCH AGAIN. This is why I don’t be talking or socializing cause it always end up bad for Cardi!”


She continued, “After my bday ..I’m deleting my social media accounts for a while cause a bitch just OVER IT.” However, she did conclude her Twitter rant on a slightly more upbeat note, writing, “Boy they will push every type of narrative to cancel me NOBODY CANT CANCEL ME BUT GOD and gotta right bond!”


As for the original Access Hollywood post that started the whole adventure: It’s since been deleted, the Google link leading to a “404 – Page Not Found” message.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.