Cardi B Joins ‘Playboy’ Magazine As Its First-Ever Creative Director In Residence

Cardi B’s brash lyrics and unapologetic attitude when it comes to sex and femininity have made her a fan-favorite public persona. Now, she’s bringing those qualities to a new endeavor in partnership with an institution that has long been on the forefront of sex-forward pop culture: Playboy magazine.

Today, Cardi announced that she’s joining the magazine in the newly-minted role of Creative Director In Residence. On Instagram, she told fans, “Joining the Playboy family is a dream and I know yall are going to love what we put together.”

She also announced the creation of a new, creator-led platform called “Centerfold,” and although she didn’t provide many details, she noted, “We’re going to have soooooo much fun.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Cardi adopted a role at a risque platform; in August of 2020, she joined the controversial but growing social media network OnlyFans, which at the time was primarily known for serving adult content. However, at the time, she quickly clarified that she wouldn’t be “SHOWING P*SSY , TITTIES AND ASS,” and would instead use it to live chat with fans safely protected by a paywall.

On the face of things, these partnerships make perfect sense for the outspoken “WAP” rapper who, like Playboy magazine itself over the years, has come under fire for her raunchy content while offering astute observations on politics and current events. In any event, it’s a pretty impressive career expansion for Cardi, who also recently added AMAs host and celebrity wedding officiant to her ever-growing resume.