Saweetie Confirmed She’s In Talks With Cardi B And Said They’re Waiting For The ‘Right Record’

Yesterday in an interview with Angela Yee of the Breakfast Club, Saweetie gave more life to the rumors that she and Cardi B are planning something together. Though Saweetie only just collaborated with another one of the biggest rappers in the game, with Doja Cat on “Best Friend,” of course her fans Cardi’s army would love to see her back in the mix with one of the reigning queens of rap. Speaking of rap queens, the rumors that she’ll be working with Nicki Minaj have also been swirling.

For now, it seems like the collab with Cardi is definitely a possibility, but it will depend on the pair finding the right song to be on together. “Our teams have definitely been talking,” Saweetie said. “I think we’re kinda just waiting for that right record. I think the media just likes to take things out of context, and I’m loving how women artists are starting to realize that sometimes it’s the media that creates something that’s not there. I think it just shows maturity and growth amongst me and my peers to not be affected what the media says.”

Since Saweetie is dating Quavo and Cardi has a child with Offset, maybe we’ll get a track with both female stars and some Migos triplets. A girl can dream! Check out the full interview above to learn more about Saweetie.