Cardi B Shuts Down Rumors That She Had Plastic Surgery After Giving Birth

Cardi B recently gave birth to her second child — a son — and fans have been marveling at her post-pregnancy body after she posted a string of photos from Paris Fashion Week. Some, however, have speculated that her “snapback” was due to liposuction or a tummy tuck. Cardi posted an Instagram Story addressing the rumors and explaining why her body transformation wasn’t due to plastic surgery.

“I think it’s because, right now, I got some amazing hips due to my gorgeous son, because he was sitting so low,” she explained of her shape. “You know, when your baby is low, your hips spread, but everybody’s just like, ‘Cardi, you so snatched. What did you do? You did lipo? You had a tummy tuck?’ You cannot do surgery after you give birth.”

She also elaborated on the gory details of her own second birthing experience, which would have prevented her from getting surgery even if it weren’t already so dangerous. “I lost so much blood, guys,” she revealed. “One day, I’m going to tell you guys about my crazy ass delivery.”

Cardi also admitted that “my skin is a little loose and I still got a little pouchy pouch” but insisted on keeping it real with her followers while explaining that she’s been using angles to hide the spots she’s insecure about. “Take y’all f*cking time,” she advised fans about their own health and shape journeys. She seems to be doing just that, although she did press hard on a flurry of collaborations ahead of the birth, including on Lizzo’s “Rumors” and Normani’s “Wild Side.”

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.