The Best Sleeper Albums Of 2018 So Far, According To The Celebration Rock Podcast

Hayden Sitomer

Every week, dozens of albums are released. A small fraction of those albums are actually good, and the tiniest sliver are truly great. Over the course of many months, that tiny percentage of quality music accumulates into a considerable amount. But it can be difficult to track down, due to the crush of never-ending content that’s constantly threatening to suffocate us all.

In this week’s episode of the Celebration Rock Podcast, we attempt to dig our way through the detritus and uncover some gems from 2018 that haven’t quite gotten the attention that they deserve. My guest is Chris DeVille, the Senior News Editor for Stereogum who has been down in the indie rock trenches for many years now, finding the best new music.

In this episode, we run the gamut from face-melting art-punk to Nashville singer-songwriters to synth-accented heartland rock to wispy English folk. We also spend several minutes trying to nail down what exactly a “sleeper” record is in 2018. Is it possible for any music to truly be unsung when everything is seemingly equally accessible? Or is the opposite true — is everything a sleeper now because the abundance of songs eventually sends us all into a bottomless black hole?

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