The Chainsmokers Love Beach House So Much That They Wrote A Song About Them

There are plenty of reasons to love Beach House. If you’re looking for dream pop, they’re probably the best group doing it today. They also do it a lot, too, as they’ve put out four albums since 2015 (if you count their B-Sides And Rarities compilation from last year). For these reasons and others, they’ve earned themselves a bevy of fans, and among those are apparently Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, better known collectively as The Chainsmokers. The two adore the band so much, in fact, that they’ve gone ahead and released a song about Beach House, appropriately titled “Beach House.”

The track begins, “Woke up on the West side / Listening to Beach House, taking my time.” Really, the title and that lyric are about all the Beach House-related content in the song. Instead of a breakdown of the band’s live shows or details about their discography, “Beach House” is more of a love song in the vein of “Closer” or “Paris,” featuring the chorus, “Oh, darling of mine / Where have you been? / I feel so alive / With you in my bed.” Regardless, the song is a neat nod to Beach House, and perhaps also an introduction to a fine indie group for Chainsmokers fans who may not have heard of them.

“Really love this song as well cause we tried to get back to our roots on this with that classic OG Chainsmoker feel,” The Chainsmokers wrote of the song on Twitter. “And we were listening to a lot of Beach House.”

Listen to “Beach House” above.