Chance The Rapper Announced The Title And Release Date Of His New Album On ‘The Tonight Show’

For months now, Chance The Rapper has been teasing his debut album, and finally, we have concrete info. He was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday, and while there, he told Jimmy Fallon the name of the album and the release date, and he also showed him the cover art.

Fallon first revealed the art, which features a hand holding a clear CD, which has been embedded with crystals or diamonds or something of that nature. Chance and Fallon also had an agreement that if Fallon pre-ordered the album, Chance would reveal the title and release date. Fallon made his purchase on air using his phone, so Chance then revealed that the record is called The Big Day, and that it’s coming out very soon, on July 26.

Elsewhere in the conversation, meanwhile, Chance spoke about his role in the new The Lion King movie, which he previously explained in a recent Instagram post. Chance went through pretty much that same story with Fallon, saying how he was brought on as a “nostalgia consultant” and how he did some minor voice work for the movie. Chance put his acting skills to the test further with a round of “Box Of Lies” as well.

Watch Chance’s appearance on The Tonight Show above, and check out the The Big Day album art below.

Chance The Rapper

The Big Day is out 7/26 via Chance The Rapper. Pre-order it here.