Chance The Rapper And James Corden Share Wild Kanye West Stories On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Chance The Rapper’s new album, The Big Day, is his biggest release yet, as it peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, a personal best for him. Surrounding the album’s release, he’s been all over TV, appearing on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Lights Out With David Spade, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Ellen again. His own Netflix show Rhythm & Flow also premieres today, and that’s just one of two big moments for Chance in the past 24 hours: On last night’s The Late Late Show, he featured in a segment of “Carpool Karaoke.”

The 12-minute segment begins with Chance helping James Corden rap the opening lyrics of “All Day Long” so he too can deliver them with Chance’s rapid-fire flow. He also outlined how Barack Obama and Jay-Z are alike: In order for Chance to get in touch with either, he has to call their assistant, who will then have Obama or Jay-Z call him back later.

They then got into Kanye West, and the each had their own stories about the rapper. Corden began, “I hosted a thing in New York once and he was there, and he said, ‘Give me your number, man.” […] He said, ‘We’re having a party later at a studio in New York, do you want to come?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah!’ Then I didn’t get a text from him, so I go, ‘Oh, he’s forgotten.’ Then he sent me a text at 3 a.m. saying, ‘We’ll be getting there in about an hour.’ And I was like, what do I do? Do I get dressed and go out at 4 a.m.?”

Chance related to Corden’s situation, saying, “I’ve been in that same place. Kanye is definitely the kind of dude [where] you meet up with him to do one thing, and then he’ll be like, ‘Oh, I got to go to Milan right now, let’s get on this jet!’ And you gotta make a decision right there, like, ‘Am I going to follow Kanye to Milan, or am I going to go on this date I have planned?'”

Watch Chance The Rapper on “Carpool Karaoke” above, and read our review of The Big Day here.