Chance The Rapper Confirms His Song ‘First World Problems’ With Daniel Caesar Will Be On His New Album

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Chance The Rapper has been slowing teasing his new album, which is set for release on an undisclosed date in July. Chance’s self-proclaimed “Owbum” is a follow-up to 2016’s Coloring Book. The “No Problem” rapper has not left fans with much concrete information other than his consistent hashtag #Owbum and recent single “Groceries” which dropped in May. But Chance has now added one other small piece to the “Owbum” puzzle after he announced the song “First World Problems” featuring Daniel Caesar will for sure make it on the new album.

Chance gave the news via Twitter, sharing a video from 2017 that shows Chance and Caesar performing a song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“The song I did with @DanielCaesar has a title now. It’s called #FirstWorldProblems,” the 2017 tweet said. Chance re-posted the video and added “JULY TBD,” along with the familiar, “#Owbum” hashtag.

The song falls more on the side of emotional spoken poetry. Chance speaks to the hypocrisy of placing “first world problems” over real problems facing Americans every day. “Y’all keep actin like Flint ain’t got clean water and y’all don’t got teen daughters, black friends, and gay cousins / Y’all just don’t say nothin’,” Chance croones.

Chance confirmed his album release will preface a North American tour. The rapper announced the tour in a series of tweets containing various destinations such as LA, New York, and his native city Chicago.