Chance The Rapper Thinks He’s One Of The Five Best Rappers Of All Time

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Classical has its Beethovens and Bachs. Rock has its Beatles and Rolling Stones. It seems like everybody’s making up their own list of the 50 greatest rappers of all time lately, putting the ’90s greats head-to-head with this decade’s most innovative young artists. Chance The Rapper visited New York radio show Ebro In The Morning to discuss host Ebro Darden’s own list — and question why he wasn’t on it.

As reported by XXL, during the interview, the Chicago rapper expressed some disappointment that he didn’t make Ebro’s list of his 50 greatest rappers of all time. “Did you put me on your list?” Chance asked. In response, Ebro cut right to it: “No, absolutely not. You are not top 50 yet.”

As you might guess, Chance wasn’t thrilled at the response. ““N—a, what?” Chance replied. “I’m not top 50? N—a, I’m top five.”

Ebro had a good laugh at Chance’s response, but Chano looks genuinely flustered at the suggestion that he isn’t a rap legend yet. “And I’m definitely not [No.] 5!”

Ebro’s list includes Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Andre 3000, and KRS-One in the top five (Kendrick Lamar ranks at No. 6 on his list.) Chano didn’t share his own top 50 list, but I’d be interested to see who else is on it.

Watch Chance’s reaction to Ebro’s top 50 list below.