Apparently Chance The Rapper And President Obama Have An Ongoing Dance Battle

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With a star-studded red carpet and a profusion of designer couture, Wednesday night’s White House state dinner rivaled the caliber and extravagance of any Met Gala. In typical FLOTUS fashion, Michelle Obama owned the evening, slaying in an Atelier Versace designed gown, but was closely followed by the star power of two of hip hop’s biggest names right now.

Though the night’s guest of honor was technically Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, attendance by both Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean spurred just a bit more mainstream buzz.

Both opting to take a parent as their dates for the evening, Chance invited his father and Ocean, his mother. The Blonde artist’s mom, Katonya Breaux, was, naturally, ecstatic to be there and took to Twitter to express how #blessed she felt.

Chance’s father, Ken Bennett, however has actually boasted a long career in Chicago politics, previously working with major players like Harold Washington, Rahm Emmanuel, and yup even a young Barack Obama.

It was 28-year-old Ocean’s first time stepping foot in the White House, but not Chance’s. Back in April, Chance was among a group of other prominent musicians discussing the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative with Obama. Yet, this prior presidential experience didn’t mean he was any less excited to be there.

One of the reasons the 23-year-old “No Problem” rapper cited for being pumped about the evening was continuing his ongoing “dance battle” with POTUS.

The night marked Barack Obama’s final state dinner as president and according to CNN was the largest state dinner the Obamas have ever had. Other A-listers in attendance were Jerry Seinfeld, Gwen Stefani, James Taylor, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and actor Roberto Benigni​. Yet despite the major fame attached to all of these names — the guest everyone seemed most excited about? Celebrity chef Mario Batali, who was there to actually prepare the dinner. That just goes to show that no matter how many chart topping hits you release or no matter how many years you’ve acted as Commander in Chief, food will always be the most sought after component of any occasion.