Chance The Rapper Shares A Funny Video Of Cartoon Clips For His Song ‘Let’s Go On The Run’

Chance The Rapper has always embraced non-traditional promotion tactics but his latest shows he can have fun with the jokes at his expense too. His new album, The Big Day, still hasn’t received an “official” single rollout, but that hasn’t stopped fans from making viral dance clips and other social media memes, all of which serve the double purpose of promoting Chance’s album for free. Chance, for his part, often leans into the gags, reposting his favorites lending his platform to social media creators who have fun with his music.

The latest “clipvidi” comes courtesy of Nigerian based Lil Jockey, who mashed up nostalgic clips of ’90s and early ’00s cartoons and shows with The Big Day track “Let’s Go On The Run” to match the lyrics of the song, resulting in a mashup of anime characters like Naruto, One Punch Man, and Son Goku running through a rainforest with Dash from The Incredibles, lots of clips of characters hugging, and of course, plenty of exuberant dancing. Chance re-shared the video on Instagram to his 10 million followers, both boosting Lil Jockey’s work and nixing the need to go out and film an actual music video for “Let’s Go On The Run” — although, if he wants to use the time off from touring to do that, I’m sure his fans would appreciate the extra effort.

Meanwhile, Chance has been promoting in a few other, more traditional ways. He’s made a few appearances on TV to perform “Eternal” and a medley of tracks from the album, stopped by all the major radio shows to share his thoughts on “curated” industry beef, and put together a lyrics video for album standout “Hot Shower.”

The Big Day is out now. Get it here.