Chance The Rapper Debuted A New Song With Lil Wayne And Young Thug On Instagram

The music community has been forced to quickly adapt to this new world we live in due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lifestyle changes it has necessitated. Livestream concerts have become a primary form of musical entertainment, for example. Chance The Rapper is also mixing up how he’s releasing music: Over the past week or so, he has shared a number of new songs exclusively on his Instagram account. This weekend, he dropped another new one, and it features Lil Wayne and Young Thug.

Like the tracks that preceded it, this new one doesn’t have an official title beyond “Instagram song 8,” as Chance captioned the post. On the upbeat track, Chance delivers a boastful verse in which he gets boastful about his walk-in closet and about women. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne offers lines like, “My main b*tch say she feelin’ secondary / Love, you worry ’bout yourself and not the other b*tch I’m tellin’.” Thugger takes control on the third verse and also shares some lyrical gems, including, “Put my thumb in her butt, so I guess she got ice on her sh*t.”

Listen to the new song above, and keep an eye on Chance’s Instagram in case more fresh material follows soon.