Chance The Rapper Is Hosting A Revival Of ‘Punk’d’ On Quibi This Spring

Chance The Rapper is set to host and produce a revival of the MTV prank show Punk’d coming to the new streaming service Quibi this spring, according to Deadline. The show was originally announced last June, with around 20 episodes due on the platform’s April 6 launch date. Chance is billed as executive producer along with Jason Goldberg, who produced the Ashton Kutcher-led original Punk’d series.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the mid-2000s MTV heyday highlight, Punk’d was a celebrity prank show in which Kutcher, with the help of an army of extras and TV pros, staged elaborate practical jokes on his famous friends with hidden cameras capturing their flustered reactions. Kutcher would then reveal himself at the celebrity guest’s breaking point, declaring “You’ve been punk’d!” to general confusion or delight from the episode’s victim. Sometimes they’d chase him. If you’ve ever wondered why so many Millennials have trust issues, you could probably draw a straight line from this show, which ran from 2002 to 2007 on MTV, with a short-lived revival in 2012.

For the new revival, episodes will be chopped down to a mobile-friendly 10-minute format. “I grew up watching this show and it’s surreal to be in the driver’s seat this time around on Quibi,” Chance said, calling the series “one of MTV’s most iconic franchises.” It’ll be Chance’s second — ahem — chance to host a show after judging Netflix’s rap competition show, Rhythm+Flow, in 2019, as well as returning to SNL for his second hosting gig.

Punk’d is set to premiere April 6 exclusively on Quibi.