How Chaos Chaos’ Feminist Synthpop Ended Up On ‘Rick And Morty’

09.27.17 2 years ago

Chaos Chaos doesn’t have a career arc that you can trace from album to album. For one, the synth-pop sister act hasn’t yet released a full LP under this band name — that won’t happen until early next year. For another, their major turning points have been marked not by stylistic shifts, but by animated TV shows. “We can’t keep them away, what’s up with these cartoons?” wonders Asy Saavedra, the band’s singer and keyboardist, on the phone from Los Angeles, where she and her sister Chloe now reside. “We’re like the least likely band to be involved, that’s probably why. I think a bunch of Rick And Morty fans are confused.”

The Adult Swim cult series has done wonders for raising the band’s profile. Rick and Morty first featured Chaos Chaos’ song “Do You Feel It?” in the 2015 episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” and the band recently collaborated with the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland on an absurd track called “Terryfold,” which appeared in the August episode “Rest And Ricklaxation.” The song, with such erudite lyrics as “grab my Terryfold flaps” and “gonna eat those toldy folds” and album artwork that vaguely resembles a sentient scrotum, managed to debut at No. 33 on Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs.

But it was South Park that impacted Chaos Chaos first. Asy and Chloe had performed under the name Smoosh since the early 2000s. Nurtured by the Seattle music scene, the then-preteens found themselves compared to Tori Amos, making appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and at Lollapalooza, and opening for such acts as Death Cab for Cutie, Pearl Jam, and Sleater-Kinney. Then South Park’s 2010 caricature of Jersey Shore’s Snooki gave the term “smoosh” an entirely new, disgusting meaning. That was an association the band couldn’t abide.

Then again, the Saavedra sisters were no longer girls, and perhaps a new identity would already have been in the works.

“We kind of accepted it,” says Asy. “We chose the new name. We kind of wanted to switch things up a bit. It was a little weird, because it’s still just us in the band. But I feel like we change up our music all the time anyways, and Chloe and I aren’t afraid to try new things.”

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