Charli XCX And BTS Soar On ‘Dream Glow,’ From The Upcoming ‘BTS World’ Mobile Game

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Charli XCX has proven herself to be a master collaborator, even in just the past week or so. In just the past few days, she shared a collaboration with Diplo and debuted a new song with Christine And The Queens live. Now she’s back with another one, and it’s a team-up with the world’s biggest boyband, BTS. They came together for a soaring pop track called “Dream Glow,” which is part of the soundtrack of BTS World, the group’s upcoming mobile game that’s set for release on June 26.

The game website describes the experience, “You’re now BTS’s Manager! Select BTS Member Cards to successfully clear missions! Collect different cards and upgrade them to unlock and enjoy more story content and even interact with the members! Help nurture BTS on their quest to become great artists! We look forward to working with you!”

CNBC teased the game, saying of some of its content, “One particular mission teased on the game’s site involves finding a dorm for the band to stay in. Each band member has a demand like wanting a big kitchen or living in an area near a convenience store. As their manager, you have to find the right spot for them to stay.”

The game website also reveals that two more songs from the soundtrack are set to be released this month, on June 14 and 21, although there is no information about them yet. In the meantime, listen to “Dream Glow” above.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. .