Charly Bliss’ ‘Westermarck’ Sounds And Looks Like Summer Camp

Charly Bliss’ sound can be hard to describe to someone who hasn’t encountered them before. Their sweet brand of bubblegum-y punk sounds a bit like if a band that formed over the summer in middle school never broke up, keeping that same sound and energy as they grew as songwriters and collected experiences. It’s a joyous and youthful sound used to rage against the looming specter of age. It sounds a bit like a bunch of happy, grown folks set loose at a summer camp, trying to take it all in while they can. Which is exactly what seems to be going down in their new video for “Westermarck.”

In the latest clip from their ebullient album Guppy, the group are given free reign over a camp. They use their power to dance in the cafeteria, sing in concessions and even do a bit of shredding while standing on a rope course. The video is about as close as you can get to the overwhelming brightness of their sound without going full comic book (and they’ve already done that). Check out the video up top and pick up a copy of Guppy here.

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