Check Out Gerard Way’s Post-My Chemical Romance Single, ‘Action Cat’

Earlier today, I was catching up on some random news in the wake of my vacation to Six Flags Magic Mountain to better understand rollercoaster history, and I read that former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way will be making his Marvel debut in the “Edge of Spider-Verse” miniseries this September. “That’s cool,” I thought, “but what about the music that made him famous in the first place?” So I brushed away my non-existent emo bangs and went about my normally-scheduled routine of pushups and flexing, thinking that the only Way news I’d read today would be regarding “an alternate Spider-Man named ‘SP//dr’” or whatever that means.

But I brushed those bangs away too fast, because Way has given all of his fans what they’ve been begging for with the new single, “Action Cat,” that he uploaded to YouTube earlier today. Sure, it sounds like he held a tape recorder up to the boombox that he recorded the song on, but it’s still something new for the kids.