Michael Jackson’s Signature Eats ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s On The ‘Eat It’ Contract

Michael Jackson’s signature is so big, it exerts a gravitational pull stronger than the “Gargantua” black hole in Interstellar. Not only does it make its mark all over Jackson’s side of the document, but it also invades Weird Al Yankovic’s sovereign space.

Earlier today, everyone’s favorite polka enthusiast found, scanned, and posted the signature page of his “Eat It” contract with the deceased “King of Pop” on Twitter.

Since the 1980s, Yankovic has parodied songs and music videos by famous musicians and bands. The champion accordion player is so well known for it, he even released eight new videos for eight days straight to promote last summer’s “Mandatory Fun.” It went on to become Yankovic’s first number one album in a career spanning three decades.

But that’s not enough to escape the event horizon of a dead man. Seriously, Jackson’s doodle is so big it could be weaponized for use by Virgin Galactic.

For a final glimpse of Yankovic before his mass is sucked away into oblivion, check out the video for 1984’s “Eat It” below.

Source: Twitter