Chester Bennington’s Son Wrote A Heartbreaking Note To His Dad Just Weeks Before His Death

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07.22.17 3 Comments

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Chester Bennington’s death rocked the music world, and broke hearts worldwide as fans of Chester and Linkin Park mourned his tragic passing. Sometimes, when someone’s impact is that large it can be easy to forget just who their passing will hurt most: those closest to them. For Chester, that meant his family, including his six children and one note from one of those children just weeks before his death is just enough to agonizingly twist the knife and make his death even more heartbreaking.

BroBible dug up a picture from a few weeks back from Bennington’s widow Thalinda, in which she tweeted out a note their son Tyler wrote to Chester as he headed out for a day of work. Tyler stuck the note to a place he knew Bennington would see it, his coffee mug, and penned a short message for his dad that reads especially painfully now. “Dad, enjoy your rehearsal or whatever you’re doing today,” he said. “Love life because it’s a ‘Castle of Glass'” he finished, referencing the 2012 track that featured a video dedicated to Bennington’s favorite movie The Messenger.

It’s a painful reminder of just how impactful someone’s life, and death, can have on those closest to them, especially their children.

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