Chet Hanks Declared A ‘White Boy Summer’ Is Coming And Drew Lots Of Reaction Online

Chet Hanks has time and time again found himself dealing with some amount of backlash and controversy due to his social media antics. From his questionable use of patois to thirsting over Adele following her Jamaican flag bikini photo, the antics of Tom Hanks’ son seem to be never ending. In his latest example of this, Chet roped Jack Harlow and R&B singer Jon B when he declared that a “white boy summer” was in route. The announcement was delivered through a video Chet posted to his Instagram account.

“Ok guys, I just wanted to tap-in real quick,” he said to start things off. “I just got this feeling man that this summer is about to be a white boy summer. Take it how you want. I am not talking about [Donald] Trump or the NASCAR-type white.” He added, “I am talking about me, Jon B and Jack Harlow- type white summer. Let me know how you vibe with that. Get ready, cause I am.”

He doubled down on his comments in the video’s caption, writing, “Is it bout to be a #WhiteboySummer or am I trippin ???? Tag a REAL vanilla king #Respectfully.” Later on he shared a video that listened the white boy summer rules and regulations.

Naturally, the video caught the attention of many as some dismissed Chet comments and labeled them as outlandish while others laughed at how Jack Harlow and Jon B were dragged into his claims as they were minding their own business.

You can watch Chet’s video above and scroll down to read some reactions to it.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.