Chiiild Deals With Unexpected Misunderstandings On The Smooth Single ‘Gone’

Chiiild, the performing name of Montreal-based singer Yonatan Ayal, has been one of the most promising Canadian exports of the past few years, especially following the release of the eclectic 2020 EP Synthetic Soul. There’s a new album, Hope For Sale, on the way at some point this year, and it has so far been previewed with “Sleepwalking” and “Awake,” the latter of which features Mahalia.

Now Chiiild is back with a new single, “Gone,” an understated but impactful new single that is also accompanied by a black-and-white video. Chiiild says of the track, “It’s hard enough to find the words. ‘Gone’ is a song about the simple misunderstandings that come up when you least see them coming.”

He also recently told Uproxx of Hope For Sale, “The intention I think was — to break it down — lyrically, to be more conversational, to reflect the times [more]. A lot of the artists that I love and I grew up on are just like mirrors of society… it’s beautiful because you see what’s happening, what’s trending in life, not so much just music, and you’re like, ‘Hey this is what I need to reflect, this is my reaction to that trend.’”

Watch the “Gone” video above.