Chika Shares A Look At How Nike Custom-Made Her Pastel 2021 Grammys Outfit

This year was Chika‘s first time being nominated for a Grammy. She was up for Best New Artist, meaning she turned up to the awards show in style. She was dressed head-to-toe in a pastel Nike sweatsuit, complete with a trench coat and matching mask. After fans swooned over her outfit, the rapper shared a closer look at how Nike custom-made her clothes.

Detailing the process in a series of tweets, Chika shared a few mock-up images the designer had sketched for her. The trench coat was also made of sweatshirt material and was hand tie-dyed alongside the other pieces. “Nike LA & @iCONtips made a 1 of 1 track suit and hand dyed coat for me with colors i picked, i found the perfect bag, and we pulled this all off over iMessage convos,” she explained. “and made the custom mask less than a day before the show. they went the hell off.”

While she didn’t end up winning the Best New Artist nod, Chika did put her own spin on a cover of a previous Best New Artist’s track. Ahead of her appearance at the awards show, she took on Billie Eilish’s 2020 track “My Future” for Spotify, infusing it with her own style. About the cover, Chika said: “I picked ‘My Future’ by Billie Eilish as my [Best New Artist] cover for Spotify because the song is beautiful and presents an interesting opportunity to talk about where I am as an artist, especially on the heels of this nomination. My present is moving so fast that each passing moment is practically the future already. And I’m in love with the ride I’m on.”

Check out Chika’s 2021 Grammys outfit above.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. .