After Dominating TV In 2016, Donald Glover Is Planning To Rule Music, Too

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Donald Glover has taken some time away from his musical persona Childish Gambino, and for good reason. He’s currently in the midst of taking Hollywood by storm, first with roles in The Martian and Magic Mike XXL, and more recently with his revered FX series Atlanta and an unknown role in Spider-Man: Homecoming and his turn as Lando Calrissian in the unnamed Han Solo film. Long story short, Glover has been too busy on movie and TV sets to get into the studio and kick out some new music.

Or so we thought. Apparently, after teasing an album — Pharos — earlier this summer Glover is finally releasing a new album on December 2nd entitled Awaken, My Love! The news comes from a pristine gumshoe on Reddit, who spotted a release schedule at an FYE that featured Gambino’s album on December 2nd. From there HotNewHipHop did some digging of their own and found the album in an international Amazon store and on All Music. An album centered around love by Gambino, who is often better with his melodic musings than his rapid-fire rapping? Sign me up.

What this means for Pharos is anybody’s guess. As you may recall, that album was tightly guarded, and meant to be performed at secret shows at Joshua Tee that allowed no cell phones or recording of any kind. The shows went down in September, with zero leakage so the album and new material was just as guarded as he’d hoped. Now, Awaken may actually just be Pharos with a new title, or an altered version, we won’t really know anything until December 2nd apparently.