Chromatics Leader Johnny Jewel Shares Two Synthy New Songs From His ‘Twin Peaks’-Heavy Solo Album

05.09.17 12 months ago

It’s been a long wait for Chromatics’ upcoming fifth studio album… unless you just heard them for the first time in that Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial, or perhaps the Alfa Romeo ad. Regardless, Dear Tommy, the follow-up to to 2012’s Kill For Love, was supposed to drop in 2015, but it was recently revealed that frontman Johnny Jewel destroyed all copies of the album after a near-death experience in Hawaii.

Jewel has kept busy since then, though, since he recently announced a new album, called Windswept, consisting primarily of solo material, some of which will be included in the upcoming Twin Peaks revival. The album is out tomorrow, and he’s shared a few tracks from it ahead of release, including the title track, “Television Snow,” and “Insomnia.”

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